Monday, April 4, 2011

You know the saying, "No two snowflakes are exactly alike"?

Well after having two kids, I strongly believe that the same goes for them.  My boys couldn't be anymore different.

When Cash was a baby, Cale and I had to take turns eating dinner as Cash constantly wanted held.  I called him "my little drama king".  The only time he was happy is if all eyes were on him.  However ... that little boy could sleep.  He was sleeping through the night at six weeks.  He put himself on a schedule at two months and didn't change it until he was two.  With Chris ... it's the complete opposite.  As long as his tummy is full, he will entertain himself for hours.  He goes to sleep a happy baby and wakes up a happy baby.  But for him, sleeping is last priority.  Cash is just like his mama.  He wakes up incredibly grumpy and is a terrible morning person.  He would stay in his pj's for days and never take a bath if we didn't make him.  But with Chris, all he has to do is dribble in his diaper and he demands a changing.  He loves to watch T.V.  I know that sounds terrible.  But for a stay-at-home mommy to a VERY busy three year old, it definitely helps!  When Cassius was a baby, he was all about the books.  Which I honestly think helped him learn to talk so well at such an early age.  Cash was an early walker too.  He took his first steps at 9 months and he hasn't stopped since.  I will be curious when Chris hits his milestones.  Right now ... he's more interested in food than anything else. 

I'm not complaining about anything.  My favorite thing is watching how different their little personalities are.  What makes them tick.  What makes them smile.  Cash is a Daddy's boy but as everyone can tell, Chris is a mama's boy 100%.  Cash is our little ornery thing ... Chris is our little sweetheart.  Cash is the one to bring home bugs in his pockets and mud in his hair.  Chris will be the one to wash his hands every five minutes and take hour long baths.

However ...

I do know one thing that they have in common .....
They're both growing up WAY too fast!  :'(

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