Monday, May 9, 2011

Me Time Monday

I'm following in the steps as Courtney over at The Mommy Matters and starting up "Me Time Monday".

I know yesterday was not only Mother's Day but my birthday as well.  But that doesn't matter.  This is the only way I'm going to get through the week.


Today I am ...

... taking an hour long bath.

... going grocery shopping ALONE.

... going to bed early.

... eating what "I" want for supper.


  1. I like that!
    On my blog I talk about the list of the things you've done today. List them all out and see how much you've accomplished... And then you'll see that you REALLY deserve your me time. Yay!

  2. Sounds like the PERFECT way to get some "me time!" I love grocery shopping by myself. While it's not necessarily something "fun" doing it alone gives me some time by myself. :) And I can buy whatever kind of cereal I want. Hehe!