Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thanks Cale ... you effing sailor!!

You never know what kind of "present" the dog is going to leave us when we get home from being away for a little while.  (She has seperation anxiety and is extremely spiteful).

Anyway ... we put the baby gates up in the kitchen so that it's easy to clean up if she decides to get revenge

The garage door is attached to the kitchen so everyone knows to flip on all lights and "Watch where you step!" before entering into the kitchen.

After returning from an hour long trip to Target, my three-year-old was the first to open the kitchen door.  He turned on the light and looked ahead of him.

Obviously my husband is usually the first one that walks through the door because I would've swore he was home early from work from what I heard...

Not even 15 seconds from opening the kitchen door I hear my three-year-old very loudly say: "OH DAMNIT CHOO-CHOO!"

Thanks CT.  GO TO TIME OUT!!

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