Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unexpected Words From A Stranger

I decided Mommy and Cashie needed an hour or two by ourselves and Daddy and baby Christopher could use some bonding time as well.  So Cash and I headed to the store for our Monday night trip for groceries.  I told him if he was good for me and not have to look at toys then I'd buy him a doughnut.  We were in the store for about 10 minutes and Cash starts singing very loudly, "Mr. Clown.  Mr Clown.  He's the funniest clown around.  Quick!  Do a trick ... MOMMY!"  And this is where I'm suppose to make some silly face or sound or dance in a weird way or do a karate chop on something.  But since I wanted to get in and get out and for him to quiet down (because he was literally singing that song loud enough to be heard over a jet engine) I said I'd do a trick in the car and to keep his voice down.  So then he started singing "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees and toes ...." even louder then his Mr Clown song.  I had to tell him three times to quiet down.  While in the milk aisle a lady obviously heard his singing.  I'm sure the people in Lawn & Garden heard his singing.  But anyway ... she pulled her cart up to mine and I was sure I was going to hear about him not minding me or being too loud or something but instead she said, "Ma'am, I would much rather hear his sweet songs he's singing then hear him screaming and throwing a tantrum." 

She made a good point.

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