Monday, June 13, 2011

Deep Thoughts By Mrs T

As I was laying in bed last night before falling asleep I couldn't help but think of a genious idea (in my opinion).  And maybe somebody has already thought of this and there's something like this out there.

But wouldn't it be great if somebody came up with the idea of a waxing parlor AND a Gynecologist going into business together?  I mean ... why not kill two birds with one stone (if you get what I mean).  I hate having to deal with "Area 51" as it is and the less people to have to deal with it and be all "in my business" would be splendid.  Think about when you're prego ... you get to the point where you can barely see your toes let alone attempt to trim "the unknown."  You're at the doctor a couple times a month as it is so why not get everything taken care of in one visit.  I was born a multitasker.  That's one of my best traits.  I update my Facebook status while I pee.  I brush my teeth and feed the baby his bottle all while playing army men.  So in my opinion ... these two businesses should go in together.  I think it could be a multimillion dollar idea!

So if one of my stalkers could get something like this together ... let me know.  I'd seriously consider traveling.

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