Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Weekend

Cale came home from work early (10:30 am) this last Friday and surprised us.  He told us all to get dressed ... we were going for a drive.  We didn't really go anywhere but we always have a good time taking family drives together.  Oh the things my almost four-year-old tells or asks us.  For instance:  "Mommy, what is that smell?"  Me:  "What's it smell like?"   Cash:  "It smells like stinky eggs."  Me:  "Well .... I dont know, I don't smell anything."  Cash:  "I think it's your breath."  UGH!  Pleeeeease preschool teacher ... brush your teeth.  Or else my child will let you know about it.

A word of advice from my husband.  Do not eat Taco Bell the day before you are taking a 5-hour road trip.  He can promise you that it will take longer than five hours to get home.  Or you'll at least be riding home with all the windows open.

Friday night we put the boys to bed early since neither of them really had a nap.  Then Cale and I finished off the case leftover in the fridge and decided to play a buzzed game of "Go Fish" using our Go Diego Go! playing cards - which btw, we found at a garage sale for a whole 25 cents.  Below is a picture of my hand (bottom cards (2 left)) and allllllllllllll of Cale's cards (top).  I must say ... I'm a pretty good Go Fish player. (excuse the quality of the picture ... a) I was tipsy    and  b) I took it with my cell phone.).....

Even though I said I'm a pretty good Go Fisher ... I lost this hand.  Don't ask me how.  My excuse:  I had a little TOO many Michelob Ultra's.

Saturday we had a good day also.  Since Christopher always takes a morning nap at 10 am, I went ahead and sent the husband in to work until noon to get some overtime.  Right now we're saving as much money as we can so that we can have the best Disney World vacation ever.  Only 13 more months to go!!!  We've been reading our Disney World books to Cash as his bedtime story for the last few months.  He knows that he's going to get to go ... he just doesn't know when.  He's becoming just as obsessed with it as Cale and I are.  He's going to know how to get from point A to point B before he even gets there.  My goal is to stay one extra day and head over to the Harry Potter place at Universal Studios as well.  I've only been to Universal once when I was little and the only ride I really remember is that earthquake ride and the "Jaws" ride.  How can you forget that ginormous shark's mouth trying to eat your boat?!...

How could a 6-year-old forget that?!  Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful memories.  At least I know that I won't be that torturous to MY child and make HIM ride those rides.  Jeesh.

I made some Monkey Bread Saturday morning for breakfast for Cash and then Cale and I made some nacho's for lunch.  Saturday is a "cheat day" for our diet.  Before you say anything ... it's a real thing to have a "cheat day" - look it up.  We're on the Body for Life lifestyle change and so far it's working out great.  I've lost 7 lbs in two weeks.  We also took measurements at the beginning of the diet and we'll measure again in a month.  I feel better and I have more energy.  After lunch we went to some Goodwill shops (I'm into rebuilding or revamping old furniture and finds into something spectacular).  I'll post pics once I actually complete something, lol.  And then Cale took us all to get ice cream for a snack.  I love ice cream surprises.  We drove down to Mulvane for Old Settler's and took in some people watching before heading back home for a movie and some take-out.

Sunday we went school supply and grocery shopping.  Did you know that preschoolers have to buy school supplies?  Miss Cindy's Sunshine Bunch class does anyway.  And did you know that it's possible to spend 30 bucks on a preschoolers school supplies?  Well it is.  I know I know ... that's probably pocket change compared to an elementary, middle school, or high school student's bill.  But still.  Oh well ... it'll be worth it.  Parent's Magazine said that children who attend preschool enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not.  Cash is a sponge.  He went to pre-K childcare when I was working and learned a tremendous amount of things that I, nor Cale, had the time to teach him.  He knows his Pledge of Allegiance.  He can count to 30.  Of course his alphabet.  All of his colors.  A couple of letters.  Sign language for please and thank-you.  And sooooo much more.  Since I've been staying at home with him we work on his letters and recognizing numbers and shapes by doing activities.  I was constantly looking stuff up on the internet to figure out ways to teach him these things.  And then Pinterest came along.  Pinterest has change the T house for the better.  Sure I probably spend a little more time on it then I should.  But we have, believe it or not, actually made or done some of the things that I've pinned.  Like coffee can stilts.  The letter "C" as in "If you give a Cat a Cupcake".  We're having fun and making memories.  But preschool will be good for him.  And it's only 2 days a week.  But from this point on ... he's in school.  He'll have summers off for the next 13+ years and that's it.  My big boy.
After the shopping trip we all went back home and took a nap.  But of course Mommy only gets a 15-minute power nap.  I needed to clean and get some laundry done.

It was a great weekend.  Besides the surprise 30 bucks we spent on an adorable little preschoolers school supplies and the surprise ice cream treat Daddy bought us .... we didn't hardly spent any money.  Which means we'll put another $100 in the Disney World fund.  WooHoo!!

Oh wait .... I forgot .... I'm getting my hair done tonight.  That's okay though ... Mommy deserves it!

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