Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Listen Here Chickadee - He Is Too A King!

Last night Papa and Busha kept Christopher while we went to Cash's meet-the-teacher and orientation for preschool.  When we went into the classroom the teacher sent all the little ones in a room next door to color while the teacher talked to all the parents.  The kiddo's started to get bored with coloring so they went outside to play.  The teacher's son (who is in college to be a teacher as well) went outside with them while Ms. Cindy finished speaking to all of us.  I'll have to admit ... there was one point I actually broke down  and became a little emotional.  She talked about how they will be going on field trips and how parents are more than welcome to come.  And that they'd have two programs which are held at the high school because over 200 people sometimes end up coming (when you throw in grandparents and aunts and uncles, etc).  And how she plays the Barney cleanup song 9 times because that's usually how long it takes for them to pick up the room once free time is over.  And how quickly they'll learn their new friends' names.  And how those friends very well could be their best friend from today until they graduate high school.  {High School}!!!  How dare you talk about my son going to high school?!  (just joking).  But still.  I'm not even ready for him to start preschool yet!


Ms. Cindy blew the whistle and all the kiddos came running inside full of hugs for their Mom and Dad.  Which again ... tugged on my heartstrings a bit.  How long will the hugs hi and bye last?  The day I don't get a hug or kiss when he tells me hi or bye is the day I will have to be put on an antidepressant.

When we got in the car Cale asked him if he met any knew friends and what their names were.  Little Ryder was his good friend.  They shook hands.  And little Natalie was naughty.  That's easy to remember.  "Stay away from naughty Natalie".  We asked why she was naughty.  He said that she was playing in the castle on the playground yelling she was Queen of the Castle (same name as my first blog title, lol).  Cale asked why that was so mean. Cash said, "Because I went in that castle because I wanted to be King and she started yelling at me to GET OUT OF HER CASTLE.  No boys were allowed."  And so starts the "Boys/Girls Only" clubs.  There's 10 kids total in Cash's class (we live in a verrrry small town).  Out of the 10 kids, only 2 of them are girls.  So the boy's club would beat the girls as far as head count goes.  But unfortunately ... I'm pretty sure the girls can hold their own.  They're tough little cookies.

So after Cash told me this it seemed to of bothered him a little as he brought it up again today.  So I decided we'd make him a King's Crown and boost his ego up again.

If you want to make your son/daughter a crown ... here's what you'll need:

* Crown template printed off the internet or hand-drawn
* Colored paper (we used cardstock and construction paper)
* Glue
* Beads, jewels, or other decorations (I had some broken pieces of jewelry and a pair of bedazzled jeans I bought at the Goodwill for a Halloween costume and used those - see pic below)
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Stapler
* Tape


1)  Print out your crown template from the internet (I googled "Crown Template" and clicked google images and printed one off there) or if you're good (which I am definitely NOT) at drawing ... draw your own.

2)  Cut out the crown and sticky tape the pattern onto the back of cardstock or other sturdy paper/cardboard.  We used two pieces of cardstock glued together.

If you have little LITTLE ones that are getting a little antsy ... I suggest either waiting until they're napping or until it's snacktime.  Obviously Christopher wasn't in the nap kind of mood so he's noshing on some crackers while Cash and I worked on his crown...

3)  Cut out some decorative designs for the crown and other embellishments and glue them on.  Here's where the King/Queen will come into place...
Let him/her pick out where he/she wants the cutouts, glitter, beads, crystals, or other motifs to go on the crown.  Or else your crown wearer is going to be upset (I learned the hard way).
Let them glue them down as well if you trust them.

4)  Cut out a band of cardboard/sturdy paper about 3 cm wide and fit it to their head.  Staple the ends to the side of the crown and cut off the excess cardboard/paper.

5)  Place some stick tape over the staples to protect the head from scratches.

And VOILA!  Your King/Queen's Crown is finished...

And the King decided to get a little silly ...

What?  Don't all Kings have Kool-aid stains on their County Fair t-shirts?

And then of course a crown just wasn't good enough.  We had to complete the costume with a cape (is that what they call it?) and a sword (which I find out I am terrible at making).  Who can resist this adorable little County Fair King ;-) ...

So take THAT "Naughty Natalie"!

After we were finished making his crown Cash told me I was the best Mommy.  I said thank you and started cleaning up.  A couple minutes later he came back up to me and told me he changed his mind, I WASN'T the best Mommy.  I asked him who was.  He said, "whatever Mommy lives at the park.  I don't know her name."  So.  If you don't live at the park ... you're not a good Mommy.  Just lettin ya know.

If you decide to make a crown for your kiddo ... show me a picture.  I'd love to see him/her wearing it!

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