Sunday, November 20, 2011

HEYKILLAH Products Promo

I came across a website yesterday called HEYKILLAH. I want you to keep an open when viewing Lynette's products as they are all original and (in my opinion - soooo cool!). Of course to my family, nothing is too different for us.

I showed some of the Plushies to Cash (my four-year-old) and he immediately fell in love. To me ... these weren't creepy or different at all. I think they're adorable!!
Here were Cash's two favorites...

Cool Points: HEYKILLAH was an MTV Movie Award Gift. Check out the American Fashion Designer Christian Siriano with his HEYKILLAH Plush:

There are definitely more Plushies including Owls and a Bear (which was my favorite) on the website.
HEYKILLAH Products also carries Artwork, Stationary, and Clothing. You can get an entire family knocked off your Christmas list from one website.
Just look at this adorable long sleeve bodysuit...


Lynette over at HEYKILLAH has graciously offered an awesome deal for my readers.
She is willing to give a one-of-a-kind 8"x10" illustration with any purchase from her website. Readers simply need to include that you're a blog reader at "That's What They're Made Of" at checkout to receive this illustration.

TOTALLY worth it in my opinion.

Now go check out their website.
or Find them on Facebook.

**Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way nor was this a sponsored post. All opinions are restrictly my own**

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