Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Cried Today

Everyday on the way to Cash's preschool we pass by a cemetery.  And every time we pass by it he says, "Look Mommy, gravestones" (thanks to Cale showing pictures to him of the Haunted Mansion in Disney World).

Only today was different.

Today as I passed by going to pick Cash up I noticed there was a funeral.  I couldn't tell whether it had just started or it was just getting over because everyone was either hugging someone or had theirs arms around someone.  I couldn't help but wonder who it was that died.  But the normal things went through my head:  it was someone's Dad.  Or Mom.  Or Brother.  Or Sister.  Husband or Wife.  Son or Daughter.  Aunt or Uncle.  Cousin.  Friend.  Neighbor.  Coworker.
I couldn't help but wonder how they died.  Old age.  Heart attack.  Car wreck.
Regardless ... God felt it was their time.

I arrived at Cash's school and had moved on from thinking about the funeral.

After getting his things together and chatting with his teacher and some of the other moms, we left to go home.

We passed by the cemetery again but this time all the cars were gone.  Except for two.  Obviously the truck parked to the side was for the grave diggers.  But the one in front .... the black Lincoln .... had to be for the one person left standing at the grave.  The older gentleman in the long black suit with the bolero tie, boots, and cowboy hat.
Only he wasn't just standing .... he had his entire body draped over the casket with his arms wrapped completely around it.  He then stood up, wiped his eyes, and leaned his head into his hands and onto the casket.

That's when I broke down. 

I don't know this man but my first instinct was to stop the car and run over to him, give him a hug, and lend him my shoulder to cry on.  But I assume that he's had plenty of hugs and shoulders and company over the past couple of days.  This was his last time with whoever it was in that casket and the last thing he wanted was another person around.

I immediately called Cale and told him I loved him. 
Life is short.  It's fast.  And it can be taken away from us at any moment.

I will never know who it was that died and was buried today.  But all I can do is hope that that man who just lost a loved one ... finds peace again.

I'll pray for him tonight. 

Make sure you tell the people in your life that you love them.  Cliche:  You never know what tomorrow is going to bring.

"If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call to make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?" ~ Stephen Levine

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