Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Christopher

My little man is ONE today.  I am kind of numb about the whole thing.  It's bittersweet.
Wine isn't strong enough anymore.  I need tequila. 

Dear Christopher,
Despite forgetting what day was actually your birthday ... and then remembering it's the same day as the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day - I do still remember the details of your birth like it just happened.  I have two favorite.  One takes precedence over the other.  But the first is when the doctor said:  "Ok Mama .... look up ... here comes your baby boy..."  And there you were.  This perfectly pink wrinkly beautiful little ball of chub.  The next (which is definitely my favorite) was when we were wheeled to our room in the hospital.  Your Daddy went to go get your big brother so he could be the first one to meet you.  He came in already smiling ear to ear and shouted, "HE COMED OUT!!!!"  and held out both hands and said, "I hold him?"  He couldn't get enough of you.  I think he kissed every inch.  Your head, your cheeks, your fingers, your tiny toes.  He didn't want you to wear your cap.  He wanted to see and take in every little bit of you.  It was a moment that is engraved in my brain.  It was the moment you made him the happiest big brother in the world.

Overnight you've turned into a little person.  Ornery.  Busy.  Tough.  Silly.  and Funny.
You've been a mama's boy from day 1.  I like it.  I like it because you're too little to realize that I have flaws.  I make mistakes daily with you.  But you still can't seem to leave my side.  I hope it stays that way.  I may not ever get the chance to do dishes or the laundry.  But I'm also never going to have another baby under my feet either.  So as much as I cry that I can't even pee alone .... I'll take the clinginess any day.

I love you baby boy.  Thank you for choosing ME to be your mommy.  I won't let you down.

Let me just say ... I should not have been holding you here. I was HIGH as a KITE!

Yep ... That's you.  Always has been.

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