Friday, December 30, 2011

I Had A Date Last Night

Yep .... first one since my birthday, outside of the house.  We've done some patio dates at home here and there once the little guys go to bed.  But this is the first one since May that we were able to go on a date in public.   And we had a fantastic time!  The details of the date are staying undisclosed.  Not because we did something "naughty" but because it's a secret that we want to stay between each other.  Here's the thing though.  It has been a long LONG time since I've been able to sit down at dinner and have a good look at my husband and to actually have a conversation with him.  And while other people/couples (with children) probably don't realize this stuff because they go on many more dates than Cale and I do ... it's still stuff that I could not help but notice.

*  It doesn't matter whether I'm at home or at a fancy restaurant ... the conversation between me and my husband will be interrupted.  Either by my little boys tugging at my shirt, or by the waitress asking if I need another cocktail (because the first one went down a little too smooth).

*  Somehow the word "poop" STILL came up at the table.  I don't even know how we got on the topic.  Really.  I honestly can't figure out how our conversation went from holding hands across the table ... gazing into each other's eyes ... reminiscing how much easier and spontaneous our lives were pre-kids ... to talking about poop.  Not only that, but as I brought the conversation up about poop ... I caught myself spelling the word "p-o-o-p" out as if my boys were sitting right next to me.  You know that's when you really need to get out of the house and have alone time a little more.

* I caught myself eating my food like there was no tomorrow.  Not because it was good and it'd been awhile since we had something other than spaghetti, crockpot roast, or hamburger helper .... but because I'm so use to serving everyone else's food ... getting everyone their drinks ... making sure my boys are all taken care of before I sit down and eat my food (eventho it may be cold by the time I get a chance to eat).  And usually by the time I am ready to sit down and eat, somebody needs a refill or seconds.  So usually I have to eat my dinner fast to finish the same time everyone else is so that I get one of the kids off to their bath.  Pity party for Amanda ... NOT!  We have a routine.  I'm Mom.  It's how it is.  And I'm use to it.  But it's also become a habit.  And luckily I caught myself shoveling my food in at record-breaking bites before anyone else noticed.

*  I saw an old friend today and we started talking about the past and some people we hadn't heard from in a long time.  You know it's a sign of the times (unfortunately) when she brought up Barbie and Ken (these names are completely fictitious to hide the true identity of the persons in this story) and my immediate reaction was to ask if they (this couple with four kids that have been together for 20 years) were still married. 

*  My husband and I still know how to have a good time.  There was one point in the night where we literally laughed until we cried.  And it was probably at the most immature and unfunniest (-->totally not a word) thing.  But we could not. stop. laughing.  Good times, good times.

*  For four hours ... Cale and I had the chance to be a couple again.  Not just Mom and Dad.  Yes I may have looked at my phone every ten-fifteen minutes.  But I couldn't help it.  Not sure if this is normal and I really don't care if it isn't.  We still had an amazing time.

And lastly ....

*  It really is possible to fall in love all over again.

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