Friday, December 23, 2011

It Could Have Been Worse

We had Santa pictures a couple weeks ago. We weren't sure how this years would turn out. Afterall, Cash is still a little timid of him and the fact that he has SOOOO much power on how many presents he'll get on Christmas morning. As well as a say so in WHAT he gets.
And Christopher ... well ... he's just such a Mama's boy. He cries when his own grandparents try to hold him. I was apprehensive how the Santa session would go.

The photographer asked us before going in if we thought the kids would be scared. I said yes for Christopher's sake. Cash isn't dumb. He saw Santa's coat hanging up on the backdrop and he knew what was up.
So the photographer hid Santa behind a cute backdrop and took a picture of him behind them. Then Santa slowly and quietly creeps up behind them and she snaps another. Then the old man does his famous, "HO HO HO" and she usually takes another picture of their faces as they see the man in red for the first time. And then Santa "attempts" to set them on his lap as she quickly takes another picture.

This is how our session went ....

So Cash looks he is constipated and Christopher doesn't know what to think.

But as I said .... it could have been a LOT worse.

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