Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Travels: Mom vs Electronics **GIVEAWAY**

The giveaway is closed. 
But the video below is still a great compromise to consider while vacationing with your technology-addicted family...


What is the key word in the sentence: "We're going on a family vacation."?
"Family", right?

Technology is changing what we do when we are together as a family. Meals. Family time. Vacations. Etc.

It's a sign of the times I guess. Humans are constantly "plugged in" and it completely baffles my mind. Why on earth would go on a "wish you were here" vacation only to zone out on a brain-numbing, creativity and imagination killing device? It's one thing if you're strapped to an airplane seat 37,000 feet in the air. But when the sun is shining, the breeze is perfect, the water feels amazing, and the birds are singing the most beautiful song you've ever heard ... it's up to us to embrace what beautiful world we live in.

We took family vacations every year as a kid and I remember as I got to my teen years really missing all of my friends. But when we were away I had such a good time that the ‘missing my friends’ thing wasn’t so bad and I enjoyed time with my family. The only phone around was the hotel phone and of course I (not my parents) were about to pay long distance charges to call my friends who I would see in less than a week.

So what is your take on using technology while on these "family" vacations?

Kim Orlando, owner of Traveling Mom (my new gig), wondered the same thing as she and her family went on a trip to Aruba. And she came up with a perfect plan!
It's a compromise that I will abide by on our vacations from here on out. And it's a compromise that I will hold my boys to as well once they get a little older.
And I think it's a compromise you'll like too!
Possibly on your next vacation to ARUBA!!!!!

It's easy to enter!All you have to do is watch the video below about how Traveling Mom founder, Kim Orlando handled electronics on vacation, and her tech-deprived kids (and husband) on their family trip to Aruba, and answer the question of the day. The details about the contest are all there. Where you can also learn about more chances to win.

So check out Kim’s video. Once you’ve watched it, you’re REALLY gonna want to win the trip! And I hope that you'll remember the person that instructed you to enter the drawing **hint hint, wink wink**

So watch the video below and then click HERE to answer the question of the day and see how you can enter to win once daily.


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