Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm Up ... Who's With Me?

I know that I said this last year ... but I have declared 2012, MY year.  Not that I don't think it'll be your year or your friend's year, etc.  But this is MY year for me and my family.  We have so much to do and so much to be thankful for.

Last night I spent a lot of time cooking.  And with a lot of time spent cooking ... comes a lot of time spent thinking.

We had homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza's (ohhh it was so awesome!!)
We turned on Dick Clark's Rocking NYE Party, dug out the candy bowl, and partied our little hearts out.  Well ... as hard as a family of four with two kids aged 1 and 4 COULD party. 
We danced to the Ramones and to Pitbull. 
And we even had a football match in our living room in which me and my littlest man won!

I could not imagine spending New Year's Eve anywhere else than with my boys.  The way I see it, my kids aren't going to want to spend New Years with their Mom and Dad forever.  And I would sooooo rather wake up to a huge hug from a handsome four-year-old and a slobbery kiss from an adorable one-year-old than a hangover.  I can go out and get tipsy or drunk anytime.  It's only once a year that I can ring the new year in with my boys and even that's not going to last forever.

Plus ... why waste our money drinking it away.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I hate hearing people bitch about what they want to do if they had more money or would rather do if they had more money ... but then they go out to eat or the bars every week instead of disciplining themselves a short time to save up for what they want.  I hate seeing my money waste away like that.  We're saving for a trip to Disney World this Fall.  And while we have money to go out whenever we want to ... $20-$40 spent on a bar tab or lunch/dinner bill is just one more day at the park for us.  Or that Mickey balloon my son can't wait to get.

I have a list of resolutions.  And a few years back I banned ever making a resolution again because no one ever sticks to them.  But I'm changing that.  I have a lot on my list and it's time to get started.  2011 flew by and if I had only stuck with last year's hope for myself for that year, it would all be over today.

The only time is now.  And if the world is going to end this year or Zombie's truly are going to take over the world .... then I might as well look good dying :::winky face:::

Peace, Love, and 1200 calories!
Welcome 2012!!  I look forward to showing you what I'm made of!

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