Tuesday, January 3, 2012

He Didn't Drive Me Bonkers But A Handful Of Times

My husband has been home from work since noon, December 16th.  I was nervous that I would have maimed him by now but I've actually kind of enjoyed having him around.  I've had the chance to shower everyday.  Eat breakfast when I want to eat breakfast (and lunch).  I've had help getting the boys down for their naps.  And it's been incredibly nice being able to go shopping alone.
We've also been able to go do things as a family during the weekdays and not have to worry about how busy the places would be (ie: Zoo, Parks, etc).  Mother Nature is treating us right as far as weather goes.  It hasn't been cold but about two or three days.

He is off the rest of this week and then he goes back on Monday  :::insert sad face here:::  It's gone by quick.
Although, his rollover date is this Thursday, January 5th at work which means he gets another three weeks vacation ... on top of the two weeks he's rolling over.  But he has to use at least one week (of those two) within 60 days.  While he may gripe about his job somedays ... I sure enjoy the benefits that come with it.

I've become so used to having him around I don't know what I'm going to do when he goes back...

Guess I'll just go back to watching soaps and eating bon-bons.
Since that's what HE thinks I do all day.

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