Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Know You Have Kids When...

1.  You know that if the kids are quiet for too long .... something has to be wrong.

2.  "Because I said so!" is part of almost every sentence that you speak.

3.  You'd become an alcoholic if your kids were as whiny as Caillou.

4.  You know the shortcut to the bathroom in any department store, grocery store, and mall.

5.  You've ever had to clean barf out of your hair, clothes, carpet, carseat, bed, or sink.

6.  Peanut butter and jelly is perfectly acceptable for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

7.  Five hours is enough sleep to get you through the day.

8.  You get excited about going to the zoo.

9.  10:00pm is wayyyyy past your bedtime.

10.  Even when your kids are at the sitter you still get excited at the site of a school bus and can't help but yell, "LOOK!  BUS!!"

11.  You've given up scrubbing tiny handprints off the windows.  They'll be back before you turn around.

12.  You haven't went to the bathroom alone in ____ years.

13.  You get excited about buying a new coloring book!!

14.  You've sat through an entire cartoon episode only to turn your back and realize your kids have been asleep or in the other room for who knows how long.

15.  You can't remember what the stains on your shirt/pants are from.

16.  The site of Mommy putting makeup makes the baby cry (because he doesn't recognize you) or the oldest one excited (because it means Mom & Dad are going out and he gets to stay at Papa's)

17.  You get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and step on every battery operated toy you own!

18.  When something comes up missing, the first place you check is the toilet.

19.  You spent all day cleaning your house but at the end of the day ... it looks like you've done nothing.

20.  You can't imagine your life without them and your heart is experiencing the greatest love possible.

FACT:  Putting a toilet seat on your head will get stuck.

I guess he found the book he was looking for.


The cat knows where to sit when somebody is eating (by the kids).

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  1. LOL
    See, I knew you had a sense of humor ;-)
    They only stay at the age when these things are true for a few years. With kids, you need good lighting to find the things that go missing. After a while, your list will change. A happy, busy home requires less sleep than optimal, apparently.