Thursday, February 2, 2012

Googling And Me

I was just checking the stats on my blog and came across some funny things....

Blogger shows you how people came across your blog .... whether it's via Facebook or Top Mommy Blogs or Picket Fence, etc etc.  It also shows what people Googled, which then brought about my blog, which they then decided to click on and read....

Here are some things people typed in to Google that pulled up my blog.  I can explain all of them but one....

"Nutella is the devil" - It is.  There is no doubt about that.
"Ryan Gosling hot pictures" - We all know my love affair with this man and if you want to share some hot pictures of him with me ... I won't be upset  :::wink wink:::
"Keeper of the Plains pictures" - My family did a staycation and visited KOTP.
"Mommy juice, best wine for stay-at-home Moms" - I'm speechless.  But in a way, kind of proud.
"Mom of boys that are ornery, what do i do" - HA HA!  I hope they came up with the answer to that, because I sure as hell haven't.  I have a TON of posts on how ornery my little boys are.  So I just picked the first one I found.
and then there's this one...

"Lord jesus grant that my spouse" - WTH have I blogged about that people have typed in this sentence into google that then brought my blog up.  Lord Jesus grant that my spouse bring me home some ice cream?  some pinot?  Lord Jesus grant that my spouse did all the dishes, laundry, mopped, and dusted? 
WHAT?  LOL!!  Poor Cale.

I have 55 readers from the Philippines.
42 in Australia
and 24 in India.
and many, MANY more in other countries.


To my international readers...
cześć  ---> YAY FOR POLLOCKS!
Xin chào

Happy Groundhog Day!!!

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