Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm Not Tired Yet! - A children's book review

I don't know about you but it is an every night battle trying to get my boys settled into bed.  I want to slap every "expert" that says: stick with routine .... take a bath, brush your teeth, read a book, etc.  I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING.

And then I came across the book: "I'm Not Tired Yet" by Marianne Richmond.  This book had me giggling with recognition.

In the story, 6-year-old Ralphie invents every excuse to delay his bedtime. His perceptive mom, however, sees his stalling as her invitation to engage Ralphie in a silly series of kisses, hugs, pinches, and pokes—all inspired by his favorite animals and each leaving the twosome in a heap of giggles.

I'm Not Tired Yet! inspires a playful bedtime routine that leaves kids and grownups looking forward to nighttime no matter how strong the allure of playtime.

Cash (age: 4) LOVES this book.  We read it at least once a week.  And :::knock on wood::: I don't want to jinx anything ... but bedtime has been going a little easier.

Title: I’m Not Tired Yet
Author: Marianne Richmond
Publisher: Sourcebooks
ISBN: 978-1-4022-6878-6
Genre: Children
SRP: $16.99

About the Author:
Beloved author and illustrator Marianne Richmond has touched the lives of millions for nearly two decades through her award-winning books, greeting cards, and other gift products that offer people the most heartfelt way to connect. Visit www.mariannerichmond.com

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of I'm Not Tired Yet to evaluate for my blog through Family Review Network. All opinions are 100% mine.

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