Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh No She Didn't!

The past few times my Dad has picked up Cash from school he said there was a little girl that always comes up and gives him a hug goodbye.  I asked Cash who it was and he didn't want to say. 
So Tuesday when my Dad picked him up he asked Cash what her name was and Cash responded with, "you're suppose to ask her Papa ... not me!"  I asked him if it was Abby and Cash said "YES!  Abby ... it's Abby who always comes up and hugs me."

Then comes Thursday .... the day of his Easter party at school.  I went the first 30 mins of his party just long enough to see him talk to the Easter bunny and go find the eggs with his name on them.  I watched little Abby and she had her eyes on Cashie a LOT.  She kept smiling at me and when I left she even told me bye.  I had to get back to work so my Dad picked Cash up again for me.  When I got to Dad's house to pick up the boys he said that Abby didn't hug Cash today ..... he said that Abby KISSED Cash.  My little 4-year-old was kissed by a girl.  Of course he just stood there and did nothing back - which tells me I've raised him well - but yeah .... my son had his first kiss from a girl last week. 
So of course I did what all moms of boys would do ...... I told him that he just needs to stay away from little miss Abby.  She's trouble.  Plus .... Mommy is the only girl he need ;)

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