Monday, June 25, 2012

10 Things I'll Later Regret Telling You....

Here goes nothin....

1.  I just learned within a year ago that there are these punch-in tab things on the side of the tin foil box that holds the roll in place.

2.  I also learned since I've started dating my husband that corvette is NOT pronounced: cor-da-vette.

3.  I played with dolls and barbies until I was my pushing teenage years.  I'm not the only one though ... ask my cousins Kylie and Stacy.  They did too!!

4.  I have been sent to collections.  Twice.  Wanna know when and what for?  Shoot me an email.

5.  Call me a cougar but I think Justin Bieber is a cutie patootie.  And there's been times I even sing along to his songs.

6.  I can't bake.  I burn everything.  And sometimes when I take a dessert to a family function, I transfer it to one of my own dishes and pretend I made it.

7.  I hate my youngest son's REAL name.  Want to know what it is?  Again, shoot me an email.

8.  I drink a LOT more Sonic Happy Hour drinks than my husband thinks I do.

9. I own a whip. And a pair of handcuffs.     50 Shades who?

10.  After telling you these ... my husband is probably now going to be looking for a divorce lawyer ;)

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