Sunday, July 29, 2012

Part I of my Random Olympic Thoughts

I’ve always been a spontaneous thinker type of person. I just think of random shit that either confuses me … or makes me giggle out loud. Regardless, here are some of my most recent random thoughts purged onto my blog. And since the Olympics just started – I’m calling this Part I of my Random Olympic Thoughts…


No one competing in the Olympics has ever eaten at McDonalds … ever.

I'm pretty sure the Queen is contractually bind to not smile.

Ping Pong is evidently exhausting. They towel break after 6 points.

Whenever I’m dreading the laundry pile … I think about the 8mo pregnant lady from Malaysia competing.

I had to Google 39,595,940 of those countries during the parade to make sure NBC wasn’t fucking with me.

Olympic athletes keep getting hotter.

I sooooo wanted the Queen to say: "HAPPY HUNGER GAMES!!".

I have more blog followers than the population in some of the countries competing.

Pretty sure there was competition between Matt and Bob on who would have the dumbest commentary.

The Czech costumes in the Opening Ceremony just really confused me. Did it rain in London earlier? Is that why they were wearing the rain boots? Help me out here…

I’m curious if the USA’s outfits were actually made in the USA … or China. And when did berets = American? I thought that was France … no?

I have to go to bed early so that I can wake up in the middle of the night to watch the Olympics on Twitter.

Fencing would be a lot less boring if they used lightsabors.

NBC totally said "medalled" like it was a real word. LOL

The gymnasts do all these crazy tricks and flips but they can’t jump up and grab the bar on their own?

The athletes and their stories make me REALLY hate myself.

On a good note … gym memberships have to be going through the roof right now.

The starting "beep" sound makes me think the commentators are swearing.


Stay tuned for more….

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