Monday, July 30, 2012

UPS and Me

The big brown truck and me have a love/hate relationship.

I envy those guys in the poop outfits.  They are always fit.  They get like 203,840 weeks of vacation a year.  They get paid pretty well.  The wasps never seem to chase them.  And they get to meet some really cool people ......... like me.  Who couldn't find a bra but was SOOO excited to see the UPS man and didn't want him to leave and take my package with him - that I answered the door - floppy boobs and all it's glory.  Then screamed like a banshee because the wasps were chasing me.  Right into a big pile of steaming hot dog poo.  Not only did I look like an idiot running after him .... but I smelled like crap (literally).

Yes this is my drawing. No I don't have anything for sale (at the moment).

That's my luck.

But I got my package.  A new virus protector for my computer.  All that ... for a gosh dang download.

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