Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Telling it like it is...

Cale and I watch the Olympics every night.  And we have really great, intelligent conversations about them.  Conversations like the one below as we're watching the men's rings-nastic thingies...

Me:  Holy crap ... look at his arms.  That's almost kind of disgusting.

Cale:  So you wouldn't like it if I were that big?

Me:  We are still talking about his arms, right?

Cale:  {makes a "you're an ass" face}

Me:  That is insane what they're doing! INSANE!!

Cale:  I could do that.  If we had rings, I could do that right now.

Me:  {rolls eyes} ... okay Mr. Manly Man.  Your arms would fall off.

Cale:  Psshh.  Yeah right.  But I would probably fart though.

Me:  Honey, at your age, you'd flat out shit your pants.

Gotta keep the romance alive somehow, you know?

[Disclaimer: No husbands or wives were harmed during this conversation. However, upon posting this, one wife may become missing]

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