Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things This Mom Says...

Add to the list: "Bet you won't do THAT again..."

Thanks to Shell over at: Things I can't Say ... who is a Mom of THREE boys ... I have made my OWN list of "Things This Mom Says."

  1. How did a lego piece end up in your underwear?

  2. Just because Mommy and Daddy say "Damn" all the time – does not mean it’s ok for you to.

  3. No you can’t go to Target in just your t-shirt, underwear, and cowboy boots.

  4. Please quit using my wine opener to drill a hole through that.

  5. No you can’t sleep in the dog’s kennel.

  6. If you keep touching it … you’re either going to go blind or it’s going to fall off.

  7. Yes, I still love Daddy when he toots.

  8. See that man over there [nodding my head in a certain direction] … I’m going to make him lick your arm if you don’t stop licking mine!

  9. Did you just put baby powder on your brother’s head?

  10. One of these days, that toilet seat is going to get stuck on your head.

  11. I told you if you used Super Glue it would never come unglued. You’re lucky you only touched your toe.

  12. What happened to the cereal that was in this unopened box of Cheerios?

  13. No you can’t pee in the Walmart trash can!

  14. You didn’t flush the toilet. On another note … I see poop but no toilet paper.

  15. Your fishing pole is for the lake and the pond. Not the aquarium.
My boys are only 1 and 4.   I'm sure I’ll be adding to this list…..

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