Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our "Never Gonna Happen" Girl's Name....

Before I had two boys, I wanted a cheerleading squad of girls. After having two boys, I couldn’t imagine a life of not being a boymom. I drive the school bus for our small town school district. I also have two nieces. While I love all of these kiddos dearly …. I am pretty sure that I’d run away to Magyar if I ever saw pink in my future. But that doesn’t stop me from naming my never gonna happen daughter.

When I found out I was pregnant with my boys – before finding out the sex – Cale and I, like most couples, immediately starting picking out names. He was all: William, Cash, Henry, Hank, etc. And I was like, "Cool. But what if it’s a girl?" He refused to think of a name. He knew both times that I was cooking blue in the oven. Plus he refused to even think about raising a daughter. It was just too much. And I remember him LITERALLY having a panic attack twice. Once when I first found out I was pregnant. And again when we didn’t see a little "thingie dingie" on Christopher’s initial sonogram. Like, profusely sweating, turned beat red, then sheet white, then a weird green color kind of panic attack.
But there was one name that stuck out. You know … in case of emergency. A name that we both heard at the same time – and actually glanced over at each other as if we were both thinking the same thing - "THAT’S the name we’d name her if her ever happened". But before I get to that name … Here are my Top 10 girl names that will never end in my last name (in no particular order):

Brylie / Brynn / Brynlea

I love LOVE masculine names for girls. Obviously.

So. Anyway. "That" name that I haven’t yet mentioned. If you steal it for your future daughter … then you have to let me borrow her for a day. Just so I can say her name ALL. Day. Long. And paint her toenails. And dress her in tutus. And put her hair in pigtails. And take her in public carrying her mini little pink purse. And let her put on her own makeup. And then drop her back off at your house. Because Lord knows I can’t handle a daughter for more than a day. I only know how to play Transformers and Superheroes. I’m not cut out for dresses and tiaras and drama and dates and screaming and birth control. Just thinking about that stuff makes me shiver.

:::Drum Roll:::

Little Miss Bruin. (obviously drop the Little Miss on the birth certificate). Bruin. It’s so strong. And sweet. And timeless. And precious. And I love the never gonna happen Little Miss Bruin. And it’s fun to think about.

Now I'm going to shutup before my parents start getting all grandbaby cray cray.
Mom ... Dad ... I PROMISE ... Cale and I are DONE having babes.  I'm ready to start being selfish. With my husband.  And my kids are the perfect combo of angels and brats.  I can't handle anything else.  Plus I'd be outnumbered.  So don't get your hopes up.  Ever.

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