Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Like Diapers and Snot ...

... Spending New Years with my kids isn't going to last forever and it makes me sad to think about it that way. A close relative was talking yesterday about the feeling she got once her kids left the house. That quiet, lonely feeling. I can only imagine! My husband and I spend 362 days and nights a year with our boys. So the sound of cars crashing into eachother ... the sounds of tattling ... the sounds of two little boys yelling louder than a jet engine are the only sounds that we know. So those few days/nights we don't have our boys is EXTREMELY different for us.

This New Years ... like every New Years ... will be spent with the people I love the most ... my boys.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Letter to my Son on his 2nd Birthday (a month late)...

Someone reminded me yesterday that I didn't write my sweet Christopher a birthday letter on my blog as I have every other year. We have been so busy lately that I completely forgot. Plus we were in KC for his birthday and I didn't take my laptop with me. So here it is... (backdated to his day)
My dearest sweet Christopher,
Today we celebrate two years with you. I am still in shock as to how fast the past 24 months have gone by.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mommy Hot

Every morning I wake up and check my blog stats and see who's all creepin in on me.  And then I check to see from what country and what search terms were used to find me. I use the search terms to optimize my website and get my stats up.  This, sometimes, is my favorite part of my day. I've had anything from "Mom big boobs" to "boogers on my toddler that won't come up, advice" to "husband tell me what you're...." - which left me SOOOO complexed and curious that I had dreams about it for a week.

This morning's search terms left me smiling ear to ear. Somebody searched "Mommy hot" which pulled up MY website.  Giddeeeee freakin up!!!!    I still got it ya'll!

Or something like that. Who knows ... they may have been talking about a pissed off Mommy. Either way ... it fits me!  ::wink wink::

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Amber Alert: The Nebraska Cornhuskers

A win is a win and a loss … no matter how bad … is just that … a loss. I will always bleed Husker Red no matter what the final score of the game is. So the Huskers forgot to show up for the B1G championship game. Shake it off, learn from the mistakes last night, and move on.

I logged on to a Husker "fan" message board last night and was thoroughly upset with the things people were saying. They’re an embarrassment to the TRUE Husker fans. Comments ranging from: "Time to pick another team that’ll actually win me a championship…." To comments of firing Bo and others just completely bashing the boys on the field.