Sunday, December 2, 2012

Amber Alert: The Nebraska Cornhuskers

A win is a win and a loss … no matter how bad … is just that … a loss. I will always bleed Husker Red no matter what the final score of the game is. So the Huskers forgot to show up for the B1G championship game. Shake it off, learn from the mistakes last night, and move on.

I logged on to a Husker "fan" message board last night and was thoroughly upset with the things people were saying. They’re an embarrassment to the TRUE Husker fans. Comments ranging from: "Time to pick another team that’ll actually win me a championship…." To comments of firing Bo and others just completely bashing the boys on the field.

Even with this loss Bo still has a better win percentage then Tom Osborne did 5 Seasons in. Osborne had a 75% Win percentage (counting his various tie's as losses) after 5 seasons where as Pelini has a 79% win percentage with one game to go.

Bo Also doesn't have the luxury of playing in a weak Big 8 or Big 12 North Conference anymore either so there's something to say about that as well. It took Osborne 3 Decades to win a National Title folks, and it took him 9 Years to win a conference title outright. Pelini has all the makings of doing what Osborne did given the same amount of time. You fire Bo and it’s another five-year setback.

If you’re one of those fair weather fans that doesn’t want to put this one game behind them and look towards the future, then seriously … donate your husker gear to someone who will wear it proudly. People seem to forget that these boys are still kids, some of them walk-ons. They play for the love of the game, not to please you. Yeah it’s nice to win but you can't win every game. Pick your team and stick with them! Its simple: Wisconsin showed up to play and the Huskers didn't. They still had a great season and I’m extremely proud of the boys in red!

"Dear Lord, the battles we go through life,
We ask for a chance that's fair
A chance to equal our stride,
A chance to do or dare

If we should win, let it be by the code,
Faith and Honor held high

If we should lose, we'll stand by the road,
And cheer as the winners go by ...

Day by Day, we get better and better!
Til' we can't be beat ... WON'T BE BEAT!"

The Husker's prayer says it all. Leave it and let's move on…

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