Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Like Diapers and Snot ...

... Spending New Years with my kids isn't going to last forever and it makes me sad to think about it that way. A close relative was talking yesterday about the feeling she got once her kids left the house. That quiet, lonely feeling. I can only imagine! My husband and I spend 362 days and nights a year with our boys. So the sound of cars crashing into eachother ... the sounds of tattling ... the sounds of two little boys yelling louder than a jet engine are the only sounds that we know. So those few days/nights we don't have our boys is EXTREMELY different for us.

This New Years ... like every New Years ... will be spent with the people I love the most ... my boys.

A couple of my friends sent me a text asking what I was doing for NYE or to tell me where the "party was at". And I couldn't help but laugh. I don't know why though. NYE is a celebration for adults, not children. Why shouldn't I go out and bid farewell to 2012?  To be honest ... it's just not our thing.

New Years 2004 - Cale looks amused, right?!
But that was totally my thing 8-9 years ago! When I was 21 and 22, I could throw them back like nobody else. I was thin ... but I was a fish ... and it took a LOT to get me to "that level".  I could outdrink most men back then! And It was not abnormal to spend $75+ on just shots, martinis and beer in one night. I lived for New Years! So I get it.  But I have kids now and going out on New Years just totally sucks. Not New Years in general. And having kids definitely doesn't suck. But actually putting on nice clothes and leaving the house on New Years is what sucks. We've had 3 offers for a babysitter again. Inwhich we politely declined ... again.

Here's why....
1) Going to a bar with hundreds of baby-weight-free single women in tight black shimmery dresses is not my idea of awesome. I'd have to get drunk just so that I didn't have to look at them anymore. Skinny bitches.

2) There is absolutely positively nothing more rewarding than watching episodes of my favorite sitcom on Netflix for four hours straight. Breaking Bad ... here we come!!

3) Baby it's coooooold outside. And my boys are the best snugglers in the WORLD!!

4) I can drink watered down Jack Daniels and Coke or drink cheap Wine out of a solo cup at home too, y'know?! But I'd rather drink my favorite Moscato and use my favorite Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville-style wine glass my mom picked out in Jamaica.

5) I just don't feel the need to spend $100 on a sparkly dress I'll wear one time. I'd much rather buy shoes. A LOT of shoes.

6) It's hard work and kind of stressful just to watch a ball drop. If I wanted to do that ... I'd watch a college football game.

7) New Years Day is Dillard's BIGGEST sale of the season. And frankly ... I don't want to spend it hungover with a bunch of strangers. I'd rather be the perky one who gets all the best deals because I'm not seeing double and battling a migraine.

8) And lastly ... A certain 5-year-old and a certain 2-year are going to wake up at 6:30am to watch Spongebob regardless of what day it is and they are really not going to give a flying puck how many glasses of Moscato I had the night before. So there's that.

So if one more person asks what I'm doing for NYE, I'm just going to politely end the coversation with a "thanks ..... but I'm good".

Whatever you are doing for New Years ... please be careful, enjoy your time with the ones you love the most, and CHEERS ... for surviving the end of the world (yet again).

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