Monday, January 14, 2013

FREE Sbarro Skinny Slice on Jan 15th

I’ve been on a diet since January 1st and I’m down 9 lbs thanks to cutting calories and getting off of my ass more. But I’m always looking for new and healthy things to eat and to experiment with in the kitchen. But I’ll admit … Pizza is my weakness. I’m not doing a cheat day until I get to my goal weight but if I could … I’d spend that day all on PIZZA.

And then I heard that Sbarro (who I loooooove) was coming out with a new 270-calorie ‘Skinny’ pizza.

And then I heard they were going to be giving a slice of that ‘skinny’ pizza out for free at participating Sbarro’s on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 with a coupon.
And then that’s when I declared Tuesday, January 15th – Sbarro’s Day!

Want to know how to get a slice of that new pizza? Head on over and grab the coupon on Sbarro’s Facebook page. Maybe I’ll see ya there!

The Skinny Slice is prepared with ingredients like portobello mushrooms, roasted green and red peppers, caramelized onions, Pecorino Romano, and mozzarella cheese. Sounds awesome, huh?!

Wichita, Ks peeps:  The only participating location around us is at Towne West mall.
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