Sunday, March 10, 2013

Crystal Bradfield: LA-based Makeup Artist (and my bff)!

We have all heard the classic line; "I’m ready for my close-up." I’ve said this one time in my life … my wedding day. On my wedding day, there were more pictures taken of me than any other day in my life (obviously). I felt radiant and beautiful and flawless. But I never would have had this confidence if it wasn’t for my cousin Stacy (who did my hair – who is also an artist) but also because of my best friend, Crystal Bradfield – who did my makeup.

Somehow, Crystal had the ability to bring out my best without overshadowing my "natural" beauty. I’m not just saying this because she’s been my best friend for 20 years either.
Crystal moved away from me when we were freshmen in high school. We saw each other off and on over the years growing up, but for the most part our contact was via telephone. When I got engaged, I knew from day 1 who would do my hair and makeup. But here is where Crystal’s challenge came into place…. She hadn’t seen me in well over a year. She didn’t know if I was tan, had eyebrows, acne problems, ivory or white dress, camera angles that would be used, etc. The girl flew halfway across the country blind. On that day, she created my look flawlessly. She is amazing. She is the bestest friend a girl can have, and she is THE BEST makeup artist I have ever seen.
Crystal doesn’t just do bridal makeup. You can also find her doing makeup for anniversary parties, red carpet events, bachelorette parties, Christmas parties, fashion shows, festivals, Halloween parties, launch parties, private parties, proms, quinceaƱeras, studio sessions, special effects, workshops, prints, and so much more!
Early on, Crystal had an epiphany: through the power of make-up everyone can feel and look beautiful on the outside … as much as they are on the inside.
And she creates this epiphany every time she takes on a new client.
Crystal Bradfield is based out of the Los Angeles area but I’m pretty sure she is willing to travel if the price is right. Just ask! Whatever the price quote … she’s worth every penny. And I’m not just saying this because she’s my best friend. I’m saying this because I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my makeup during the most important day of my life. And you shouldn't either!
See some of her work here!
AND like her on Facebook … she’ll be hosting giveaways as soon as she reaches 200 likes!! And unfortunately, I can't enter. Sometimes it sucks having a friend like her ;)
Disclosure: This was not a paid post or a sponsored post. This is just a post by me - who is extremely proud of the girl I am so honored to call my best friend!

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