Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chaos and Craziness

My life is Chaos and Crazy ya’ll. I’m not even messing with you. I am constantly running from point a to point b and then back again to start it all over.

I wake up and I don’t stop.

Here’s what a normal day is like for me….

I wake up, get dressed, shower (if I’m motivated), get the boys loaded (thank God my husband is a saint and wakes up early to get them dressed), put us all on the bus, finish my morning route, come home, get Christopher to go potty on the potty chair, fix breakfast, eat breakfast, get Chris to go potty on the potty chair, do dishes, help Cash with his letters/number, get Chris to go potty, fix snacks, eat snacks, get Chris settled for drawing/painting, pick up round one of the toy tornado, get Chris to go potty, fix lunch, read, get Cash dressed, take Cash to preschool, come home, get Chris to go potty, rock Chris to sleep, make the beds, write a blog, catch up on my emails, fix the bag (milk and snacks) for the afternoon route, get dressed, wake Chris up, load him on the bus, Cash gets dropped off at my bus after school, finish my afternoon route, take Chris to the potty, play a game, get supper started, take Chris to the potty, find soccer or baseball cleats, fix a snack, fill up the water bottle, take Cash to soccer or baseball practice, wait til Cale gets there, take Chris to the park until Cash is done, go home, take Chris to the potty, eat supper, cleanup, play for a bit, start the baths, make Chris go potty, read < 3 books, tuck Cash in bed, rock Chris to sleep, finally say hi to my husband, talk for 5 mins, go to bed.

And then when I wake up … I do it all over again.

I know that is mediocre compared to what some people do on a daily basis. But for me, this is craziness. And evidently "normal".

I wouldn’t know what to do on a day when we had nothing to do. My life is Chaotic and Crazy and I love every bit of it!

Right now though … well …. I’m getting ready to CRY because I’m leaving that chaotic and crazy life to go spend 5 days in Orlando for a conference. You feel bad for me right?

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