Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Exploring is one of our family’s favorite things to do together. Most of the time we call it "adventuring" – but the boys will sometimes refer to it as exploring. Others call it hiking. Whether you’re going to a short little nature trail or a 3+ mile hike … exploring our world’s beauty is one of the most rewarding and healthy activities you can do with your family.

Spending time outdoors exploring with your kids and/or grandkids is a great opportunity to make memories, understand our beautiful world, and see wildlife up close in their natural habitat. You don’t have to be an expert hiker to appreciate what’s around you. With my tips below, I’ll help get you started with making memories for your next exploration with your family...

Essential: A stick
The first thing my boys and I do before we even start exploring is to find a good walking stick. A good walking stick has multiple uses, however. They can be beneficial for poking the mud, helping us up a steep hill, lightsaber duels, and poking Mommy in the hiney.

Bring a backpack
So what do you put in the backpack? Snacks, water, and more snacks and water. Just try to pack it light or give each member of your family their own backpack. A backpack can also double as a souvenir saver so they can bring home all those mementos your minis are sure to pick up.

Wear the Right Shoes
It depends on where you’re going. If you’re going to be trekking through some water and/or mud … make sure to bring a change of socks or wear some waterproof shoes. Just make sure they’re comfortable and can withstand LOTS of walking!

Keep your Eyes Open
Exploring the nature comes with a few cautions. Anything from bugs to plants to critters to holes. Before starting out hike we first put on our deet bug spray and sunscreen. Exploring can also be a great learning experience. Certain plants carry red, blue, purple, and other pretty (and yummy) looking berries. These can be extremely dangerous if ingested. Just make sure to teach your children about what and what not to touch. And if you don’t know … it’s a great time to take a picture, and go back home and research together.

Bring a Camera
You never know what you’ll see when you’re outdoors exploring. Adventuring in nature brings great photo opps. Take the time to document your memories and make a journal out of the pictures if you have some time. My boys love to look back and reflect and see what all we’ve done – even if they don’t remember it.

Appreciate our World’s Beauty
Leave things where they are. Don’t try to dig up a tree, don’t litter, and don’t mess with a critter’s habitat. Unless, of course, it’s a deadly spider’s web and you’ve suddenly found yourself stuck in it. But that’s highly unlikely. Just appreciate what we’ve been given and continue to create memories that will last a lifetime with your family.

Tell me .... What are your tips and tricks for a great hike with the kids? How do you keep them entertained and excited? Has my post inspired you to start exploring more?

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