Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey Wichita Ladies ... Let's Get Dirty!

This event has unfortunately been canceled. Boooooo!

Alright Wichita (and area) Girls … it’s time to get off your rears and come get dirty with me!

Recently I was contacted by a Dirty Girl to become a Blog Ambassador for the Dirty Girl Mud Run coming to Wichita, Kansas in July. With this comes a unique opportunity for me to share their cause, which raises money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation! Not a bad gig, eh? And you think I just sit around typing on my little computer and eating bon bons. Shame on you!

I’m not athletic at all. And maybe you aren’t either! Evidently that’s perfectly fine!

Here’s the scoop…

Dirty Girl is a 5k mud run for women of all ages and athletic abilities. Don't worry - it's not a "race" in the traditional sense. It is an untimed obstacle course designed to push you slightly out of your comfort zone - but only as far as you are comfortable going. Forming teams is encouraged, and so is helping your fellow Dirty Girls get through to the finish. At a Dirty Girl Mud Run you'll find excitement, laughter, and camaraderie - as well as lots of music and even some adult beverages. It's a day you'll never forget.

Dirty Girls love their mud and obstacles. And because of that, they take special care to choose a location for each event that provides you with the best chance of crossing the finish with the biggest smile of your life!

Course Description
Run, walk, climb, crawl—you will experience it all. With obstacle names like Utopian Tubes (tunnel crawl) and PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff), you can expect to laugh until your cheeks hurt. But don't worry, if you get to an obstacle that's more than a challenge for you—hey, take one of the detours. Also expect safety throughout. Expect the event to go on rain or shine. Expect not to be timed. Expect some crazy team uniforms. Expect to leave with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Course Strategy
Take it easy and have fun! It is not timed or competitive so you can go entirely at your own pace. The course may include off road terrain, so be careful. You’re sure to get muddy, wet and experience some cheek busting laughter. You can expect safety throughout the course and water stations at mile 1 and mile 2.

Spectator Tips
Prepare your guests – they’ll be overwhelmed with a sense of jealousy as they watch you experience what will be remembered as one of the best days of your life! Make sure they bring a camera as the memories will be priceless!

From start to finish, it’ll be an unforgettable event and an incredible teambuilding experience!
I had you at "adult beverages" didn’t I? Or maybe it was the fact that you’d be helping out a great cause. Either way – it’s worth it!

If you want to join my team, let me know! We’ll have to come up with a kick ass name and some cutesy uniforms. And possibly a sponsor. But knowing that the money is going to a great cause and the fact that you’re making lasting memories with some awesome local chicks … has got to be worth a night to get out and get dirty. Right?

When: Saturday – July 13th / First Wave of runners is at 8AM - Second Wave is at 4PM
Where: Location TBA

Cancer survivors run for FREE!

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Disclosure: I’m a Dirty Girl Ambassador, selected because of my general awesomness and also my ability to inspire. In return for spreading the word, my Dirty Girl Mud Run is comped, but all opinions are my own. A Procrastinating Mommy cannot be bought!

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