Friday, May 17, 2013

Ringling Brothers Circus at Intrust Bank Arena (GIVEAWAY)

It’s been years since I’ve been to a circus. Okay … MANY years. But I still remember it. I remember the 50+ clowns clambering out of the little tiny car. I remember the elephants standing on two legs. I remember the beautiful horses and the gorgeous lady doing stunts on them. And I remember the trapeze artists and how, even those many years back, I covered my eyes because I was terrified they were going to fall to their death.

Even though I remember loving the circus and couldn’t wait to go back again … I’m embarrassed to admit that I have yet to take my boys to one. We had a chance a couple years ago but our timing fell through and we had to forfeit our tickets. I’ve been waiting for them to come back to town and finally, as we were driving down the highway … there it was. The huge billboard sign with clowns and superhumans showing their athleticism. I’m not talking about a sign for the little local ma and pa circus … I’m talking about "The Greatest Show on Earth". You know the one. Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey. The ONLY circus in my book.
Every year or so, Ringling Bros. retools one of their shows and sends it forth. This one is fairly straightforward. While there are plenty of bright, modern colors and Dr. Seuss-inspired gadgetry, it feels more like an older circus.

Also, "Fully Charged" doesn't have a plot for the audience to follow, as in previous shows. Instead, it moves at a brisk pace and doesn't try to be anything but a circus show. That’s nothing to complain about if you ask me! Especially when it comes time to try to explain there’s a storyline behind the tigers jumping through fiery hoops and horses wearing costumes and walking like humans, to my 5 and 2-year-old sons. It just makes it easier for me, as mom, to just let them sit back and enjoy the show.

There's an undeniable high-tech flair, but the show relies heavily on acrobats, jugglers, dancers, daredevils and clowns. Animal acts are used sparingly. So you can breathe easier now, PETA.

There are no motorcycles – which makes me happy as well. They’re stinky, smoky, and noisy and nothing my toddler would ever enjoy. But the trapeze act? Well … that's a circus institution!

BONUS: If you arrive early (like, 90 minutes early) you can even catch the pre-show that allows guests to see the animals up close and it is free with admission. But when I say you have to arrive early … you have to arrive early. They close down the pre-show early to get the animals prepped and ready for showtime.

After speaking with other Moms about the show, almost all of them said their favorite part was The Human Fuse. Now … if you’ve ever been to a Ringling Bros circus, you know there’s usually the epic stunt that makes everyone hold their breath, gasp, and then breathe a sigh of relief that the stuntman made it though that alive. Evidently … this is the one. And with a name like "The Human Fuse" – I can only imagine what’s going to happen. And I can’t wait to find out either!

To get your tickets for Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey: Fully Charged, visit Select-a-Seat’s website to choose your day and time or call them at: 855-755-SEAT (7328).

You can always WIN a family four-pack of tickets just for being one of my awesome readers! This show is just for the Intrust Bank Arena circus that is coming to town May 30th – June 2nd so make sure you are available one of those days.

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