Friday, May 31, 2013

Wichita River Fest 2013: "Let the Good Times Flow"

FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS the Wichita Riverfest has been a tradition for people who live, work & play in Wichita. Riverfest features nine days of great musical entertainment, fun, safe kid’s activities, festival food & cultural events.

Regardless of what it’s been called over the years, Riverfest has always been about bringing people together. From the beginning, as part of the City’s Centennial celebration in 1970, the goal was to bring the entire community together, to build community pride and focus on Wichita’s beautiful natural resource, the Arkansas River.

Music continues to play a major role in the festival with several popular artists entertaining festival crowds including Daughtry, Nick Lachey, Huey Lewis and Kansas.

In addition to music, festivalgoers can enjoy a wide variety of glorious foods at not one, not two, but THREE food courts. Can you smell the turkey legs and funnel cakes now?
Speaking of funnel cakes … how many can you eat in 10 minutes? Find out at the Funnel Cake eating contest.

From parades and fireworks, to beach parties, concerts, rides, food, and shopping, there is something for everyone in the family.

Don’t forget to purchase your $5.00 Wichita Riverfest Button which is your ticket into almost everything. As always, children ages 5 and under are free but the Riverfest committee has launched a new $3.00 button for children ages 6-12. Get one while they’re available though, they only made 25,000 of them.
A button not only gets you into almost anything at the Riverfest, but it also grants your admission into area museums like the Exploration Place, etc at a great discounted rate!

Riverfest continues to be what the original founders had intended, a mechanism to build community pride, to bring people together and to focus attention on our great natural resource the Arkansas River. Board Members of the original Wichitennial River Festival and Traders Day would be proud to know what they initiated 40 years ago is still going strong today!

Check out the offical Wichita Riverfest website for a full calendar and list of events.

PS: If you have any hints to help me out with the Medallion Hunt ... by all means ... SHARE WITH ME. I need a new car sooooo bad!
Catch up on all the clues here.

Have fun!!

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