Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Red Balloons for Ryan

Literally .... twenty minutes ago .... I sat here at my keyboard typing out something to say. How I wanted to word exactly what I was thinking. But I too, kept deleting what I wrote. Even those two sentences I just typed out, had been written three times. Word for word. Deleted. Word for word. Deleted.

I didn't know Jacqui or Dan or Ryan. But I felt like I did. I followed Baby Boy Bakery on Instagram and Twitter. I saw this sweet, adorable, red-headed little boy who was the exact same age as Christopher, fill my news feeds everyday.

It was actually him that drew me towards the children's clothing line, Quinn and Fox.

This could easily have been Christopher. A rambunctious and energetic 3.5 year old who was care-free, loved the world around him, and was loved by everyone.

If there is one thing I can say about the Mommy Blogging community, it’s this: We are a family. We lift each other up, we make each other laugh, we stick together, and we pray together. So when someone from my blogging family is going through heartache, I can’t help but share some of their pain.

Read more of the story here. It hits too close to home and I can’t stop the tears every time I think about this beautiful little family.

I mentioned Quinn + Fox above...
ALL proceeds for the remaining Serpent Sally tee will go to #RedBalloonsForRyan, a fund setup to help Jacqui and Dan during this tragic and difficult time. All shirts are ready to ship.


The power of prayer is incredible. So please … if you can do anything at all for this family … please let it be a prayer. PLEASE help comfort the parents of this beautiful angel.

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