Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Masking That "Boy" Smell

Disclaimer: This was sponsored by SC Johnson and Acorn Influence. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  And it's real world problems, people.  Seriously.  I can't make this stuff up.  And I can't be bought either.
Why is it that when boys reach that certain age where you no longer need to powder their bottoms, the smell of stinkiness just randomly creeps up and assaults your nose.

How is it possible that they were only outside for 2 minutes but managed to come in smelling like the creature from the black lagoon? Not that I’d know what the creature smells like. I just assume he smells … swamp(ish).

Honestly – with a house full of “men” – sometimes I spend my days wrinkling my nose from one odor or another that is lingering in my home.
Despite my best efforts to keep my boys from tracking in mud, sweat, dirt, and stench … the reek in my house is inevitable.

Call me biased but I think boys are the best. They’re rough and tough and wiggly and silly and yes - sometimes kinda stinky.
But I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. Ok, a few secrets that will hopefully help you maintain your sanity of a stinky being in your home.

Lower your Standards
No seriously.  Your house is never going to smell or look as nice as your rich cousin or your OCD next-door neighbor.  It’s all in your head.  Kinda sorta.  But I guarantee you it’s not as bad as YOU think.

Fresh air is VITAL
I don’t care if it’s 30 degrees outside or 95 degrees.  Unless you let a draft come through your windows once in a while … your home will occasionally become stuffy … and stinky.

And most importantly…
Invest in Candles, and Air Fresheners, and Odor Neutralizers, and and and
What I'm getting at is: The nose knows.  I bathe my children.  I promise I do.  But sometimes I’m tired and I really need to get some dishes done.  But yet grandma and grandpa are stopping by to see the new kitten so I have 0 time to get everything accomplished. So I light candles. LOTS of candles. Isn’t that what you do too?  Just keepin it real.  I'd buy the whole aisle if I won the lottery. And I'm still not sure that'd be enough.

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love pumpkins and decorations and the leaves and the food and the candy.  And I especially love the spiciness that comes with the season.  The smell of pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon and maple spice fills my house from October to the first of December.  As wretched as my little boy’s soccer socks can be … I can always seem to mask it’s smell by lighting my Pumpkin Spice candle by Glade.  No longer does my house smell like hot garbage.  (Remember – just keepin it real!).  It smells of pumpkin. And spice.  And pie! And Fall.

What is your favorite time of year?  Do you too like to light candles that are current with the season?

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