Monday, November 24, 2014

Why Candles are the PERFECT Gift for Christmas

There are certain smells that inevitably trigger wonderful memories of Christmases past. For me, the smells of Christmas are every bit as important as the sights and sounds.  For example, last week I walked past someone wearing a certain hairspray (which shall remain nameless) that immediately brought back memories of the kind that I wore in high school and I instantly felt like I had slipped back in time (scary thought, lol!).

The same thing happens to me shortly after Thanksgiving.  And it isn’t just about the lights or the sounds.  Thirty-two years of festive memories are opened instantly at the tiniest whiff of cinnamon, pine, nutmeg, peppermint, firewood, sugar cookies, gingerbread, or snow.  What? You’ve never paid attention to the way the air smells when it’s about to snow?  You’re missing out then!  All of these scents immediately put me into the “Christmas Spirit” and flood my mind with recollections of the holiday season.

I think that’s why my go-to gift is a candle.  Clothing may be the wrong size, jewelry may not be the right style, and home d├ęcor items are taking a big risk. That’s why scented candles are a great gift for almost anyone on your list.  Why is that?

1.     They appeal to men and women of any age.
2.     They’re an inexpensive way to pamper somebody and tell them you care.
3.     They’re easy to enjoy and require no physical work (besides lighting the candle).
4.     The smell Uh-Maze-ING!!!  And if you happen to give someone their favorite scent, it instantly brings a smile and shows them you care.
5.     They can be classy, trendy, and timeless.  Depending on the style of the candle, the scent of the candle, and the shape of the candle, most people enjoy them just to help keep their home feeling fresh and stylish.
6.     Candles can change the atmosphere in any room of the house.  They add a low romantic lighting and envelop you in a lavish aroma.

Right now people are ramping up for the holidays.  Around mid-December they hit the holiday “HALT” as they realize they’re time is running out.  Luckily, holiday scents in the air care section of the cleaning aisle at your local Wal-mart or favorite retailer makes managing the holidays easier.

And hey … you’re already in the aisle … so why not add a little holiday scent to your life too and help bring back some Christmas memories!

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Disclaimer: This was sponsored by Acorn Company. All thoughts, opinions, and suggestions are my own.  So if you get a candle from me this Christmas … you should feel special.  And know that I truly had you in my best interest!

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