Thursday, February 19, 2015

No shits given.

It always amazes me the difference between my two boys.

But what freaks me out the most is not how I managed to create two little Arian boys, but how the oldest ended up looking so much like the blonde version of his dad, and how the youngest looks so much like me … but with the opposite personalities.

Cash (the big one) could not be any more like me if he tried.  He is overly emotional, shy, dramatic, and sweet. Oh, and a great dancer (but we’re talking personalities here, right?)  He’s a people pleaser and a rule follower.  He can’t stand that he might be in trouble and he’s easy to discipline – mainly because the slightest scolding can turn into the world’s biggest meltdown. He wants everyone to like him and people like to be around him.

With my little Christopher though … {I’ll put this nonchalantly}

He could give two shits.


Let me break it down like this…

When Cash is in trouble, it’s catastrophic. He apologizes until he’s red in the face and we rarely have to discipline him twice.

When Chris is in trouble, it’s a throw-down knockout fit.  He screams and kicks and flails his arms or will kick down his bedroom door if he has to just to get his point across. But doesn’t last long.

If we raise our voice to Cash, he melts into a giant puddle of tears and is whiney for about an hour after.

If we raise our voice to Chris, he stops screaming and says “okay” and goes on his happy little way.

No shits given.

TV time taken away from Cash = end of the world for days.

TV time taken away from Chris = end of the world for five minutes and then “meh”.  It’s off to something else.

No shits given.

I’m still learning how to discipline Christopher.  What may work the day before, does nothing the next day.  It’s been interesting learning how to speak and discipline each of them differently.  With Cash, I have to make him understand that I don’t hate him and it’s not the end of the world that he forgot to put his shoes in his closet.  With Christopher, it’s a drag down, in his face, act like he’s murdered somebody before it even registers as a blip on his radar.

The teen years will be fantastic.  I don’t think the liquor store carries enough wine.  Maybe I should switch to tequila.

Are your children polar opposites too?  How do you handle it?

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