Friday, June 26, 2015

Slide the City - Wichita, Kansas

On Saturday, July 4h - W. Maple Street in Wichita will be transformed as participants ride inflatables down this giant slide spanning THREE city blocks!
With music, local vendors, and giveaways, this family friendly event promises to be a highlight of your summer!

For a limited time…
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After purchasing, don't forget to let everyone else know about the event.  Follow along with the hashtag... #SlideTheCity and #SlideTheCityICT (<---my personal hashtag I've created).

* Is there an age or height limit?
All who are over 46 inches tall and over 5 years old are invited to slide, but remember if you're under 18 you'll need to get a sign off from your legal guardians.

* Are there group rates available?
If you have a group with 20 or more participants send us an email.

* What do you do to address water conservation?
Water conservation is also a priority at our events. We strive to have zero environmental impact on the community. The Slide was designed to have zero water loss, and it treats and recycles the water safely and efficiently throughout the day. When permitted, we donate the water back to the community. Methods of disposal include local reclamation centers, parks, golf courses and other places dependent upon local regulations. 

Don't wait though!  Tickets are selling out QUICKLY!!
This is SURE to be an event you don’t want to miss!

Don't forget, for a LIMITED TIME, my readers will SAVE $5 at   with promo code:  USFAMWICHITA

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

An Open Letter to my Husband on our 9th Anniversary

My dearest CT-

Today we celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.

It’d be easy to write a mushy gushy love letter to you.  But I’m not.  It’s not who I am and it’s definitely not what our marriage is.

Fourteen years ago, I thought I struck gold when you told me you were single and ready to mingle and wanted to know when I was going to go out with you.  Seriously.  That’s what you said.  Word-for-word.  Our beginning wasn’t necessarily the most romantic, but it’s our story, and it’s my favorite.

Fourteen years ago, time stood still every time you looked at me.  You treated me like my Dad always said I deserved to be treated.  You opened doors for me, you made sure I was safe, and you took care of me. Whenever we were together, it was like nothing else existed. The world stood still.  I’ll never forget the day you first took my hand in yours.  I told myself I’d never let go.  And I haven’t.

I was young … ohhh so young when we met.  I had a lot of growing up to do and you never once held me back.  You let me grow.  You let me listen to my shitty music, you put up with my idiotic friends and roommates, and you dealt with my immature drama that I created for myself.  I’m not the same person that I was fourteen years ago and you aren’t either.  But we’ve grown together and accepted one another along the way. We’ve had many years of growing up, but never once grew apart. I can't promise I won't listen to more shitty music. But I can promise to buy you earplugs.

As life went on, we stumbled our way through it.  We were poor.  SO very poor.  We have been misunderstood and swept under MANY of doormats.  But we were unbreakable and inseparable.

To say we’ve been happy is an understatement, at best.

We’ve had breakable moments.  Unspeakable moments.  Moments that are so dark that they’re MEANT to tear a couple apart.  I fought what I thought was a losing battle. And I’m sure you felt like you were doing the same.
You could have let go.  But you didn’t.
Deep down, beneath the fragility and the ambiguity, you loved me more than anything else in the world. And I you.

Experience has taught me that there will be more storms … more darkness … and more arguments.  We’ll get sick. We’ll have more financial worries. We’ll have more flooded rooms. We’ll have other distractions. We’ll worry about our boys and their children and their children. Death will make an entrance. We’ll lose parents, family and posterity.  As much as I hate to think about it, I really hope that we leave this life relatively close to one another… but in all honesty, I hope that I go first. As selfish as it sounds, I can’t stand the thought of being without you.  Yes, we’ve been through some breakable things and we’ll go through some more breakable things.  But experience has also taught me that together, we make each other better. And we can weather these rough waters that lie ahead. Just take my hand and trust me. And I promise that I'll give you the same trust.

I don’t say this often enough, Cale…  But I love being your wife.  I’m proud to be your wife. You continue to selflessly love me year after year.  You’d do anything for me.  You have supported me through dead-end jobs, ever-changing degree changes, and silly shenanigans that nobody else would put up with.

You’re the “you can” when I want to give up.  You’re the “so quit” when I’m unhappy. You’re the “you will” when I can’t see the light.  You’re my rock. You have supported my writing, my photography, my passions, and my ventures.
I would not be here, continuing to chase dreams, if it weren’t for you..

I know that I’m not the perfect wife to you and mother to our boys.  All I can promise is that I will try to continue to be the best that I know how to be.

We may not have a single thing in common {besides traveling and that other thing}, but saying, “I do” to you {nine years ago today} was the best decision I’ve ever made.

True love is more than bouquets and romance.  It’s about weathering the storms.  It’s about conquering the roughest of rides.  It’s about learning from your mistakes and loving each other unconditionally.

On the 1,387th day from the day we started dating, you asked me to marry you.
On the 1,911th day from the day we started dating, you made me your wife.
On the 2,432nd day from the day we started dating, you made me a mommy.
And on this 5,198th day from the day we started dating, you continue to make me the happiest girl in the world.

Thank you for continuing to sweep me off my feet and making my knees a little weak.  Thank you for picking me up when I’ve fallen and making me laugh when I can't stand you.
Thank you for spending fourteen of your precious years with me as my best friend with nine of those as my husband. 

Even as my memories fade and as the moments of my younger life seem farther behind me… I promise to never forget that day nine years ago…  Our wedding day.  May we always let our love bring us back to that day that we made our promise to each other to be together for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.  I said it then, and I’d say it all over again.  I {still} do.

I love you from the deepest depth of my heart.  I love our perfectly imperfect marriage.  
The best part about me, is you...

All my love-