Saturday, April 30, 2016

Amanda Topinka shares her recipe for HOMEMADE Hummus in 3 Easy Steps (#HummusMadeEasy)

A note to my readers: I was paid to try to make this amazing hummus and share it with all of you.  This in no way swayed my opinion on this product.  I was not otherwise compensated and I truly, truly love this new product!

Hummus has always been the life of any party I’ve ever thrown.  So when my son had his First Communion last weekend and we were having a BBQ (reception) afterwards, I knew that I wanted some hummus that our guests could snack on before the Burgers and Hot Dogs.  But I wanted to ‘wow’ our guests -- so I didn’t want just any ol’ store bought hummus, I wanted homemade.  And I found just that!

Next to the Bush’s canned beans and chickpeas you will now find a NEW product called Bush’s Hummus Made Easy.  I found a pouch of Bush’s Hummus Made Easy at my local Wal-Mart on the top shelf.

And now, after making and serving this Hummus, it’s the only kind I’ll buy!

What makes Bush’s Hummus Made Easy the best Hummus?  It’s just that … THE BEST hummus I’ve ever had!  And I’ve eaten my weight in hummus many, many times {and while a girl never discloses her weight, let’s just say that’s a LOT of garbanzo beans}.

This hummus has been hands-down my favorite snack or appetizer to whip up when I have last-minute company.  It’s the perfect blend of simple ingredients like tahini, olive oil and spices.  And I’ve found with Bush’s Hummus Made Easy, it’s really easy to experiment with and make them yours by adding personal touches like jalapenos, roasted red peppers, blue cheese, or even sour cream!

Making hummus at home is not only fresher and healthier, but finding the time and ingredients can be difficult.  With Bush’s Hummus Made Easy, making homemade hummus is as easy as 1-2-3.  Literally!
1.  Drain and rinse beans. Pour into food processor.

2.  Open pouch. Pour into food processor.  It won't look very pretty...

3.  Blend to desired consistency.  {We actually left a few chunks of Garbanzo beans whole}

And then ENJOY!  That’s all that's to it for amazing, creamy, delicious hummus!

Next time you’re in Wal-Mart, grab a pouch of Bush’s Hummus Made Easy and Bush’s Brothers’ beans and just keep them both in your pantry.  That way you’ll always have something ready to whip up that is healthy AND yummus, errr, I mean scrumptious the next time you have guests stopping by.
They’ll never believe it only took you 10 minutes and 3 easy steps to make this homemade hummus.  That is, IF you want to tell them how easy it was :::wink wink:::

Not Pictured:  Classic Version.  Because, well, we ate it before I could take pictures.

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Disclosure:  I’d like to thank @KendalKingGroup, #SoapboxInfluence, The Women Bloggers, Bush Brothers’ Beans and #HummusMadeEasy for including me in this new product launch.  I am a customer for life now!

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  1. Oh this looks REALLY good! Thanks for the post about it. I hadn't heard about it but can't wait to try it!