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This is why you should NOT use DirecTV and/or AT&T (they have scam written all over their contract)

I’m not sure how many people out there have had a dealing with DirecTV and or AT&T but I have no reservations in holding back my frustrations with them.

So here it goes...

We signed up for a discounted bundle for AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV satellite.  All was okay the first couple of months except when they failed to ever mail me my $250.00 gift card that I was excited to receive upon signing up.

Looks like that’s a known issue.  Good luck ever receiving said gift card.

But that wasn’t the straw.

After a few months, my bills started varying in pricing.  Every month I would have to call and have my bill straightened out.  It was annoying.  And irritating.  And also common.

But that wasn’t the straw either.  {Read More}

The straw came when we were close enough for our bundle package promo discount to end where I would just pay the early termination fee and cancel satellite cable altogether.  We found we were only watching a couple shows and some sporting events and it just wasn’t going to be worth the cost of continuing service (after that promo ended) and would just be cheaper in the long run to pay the early cancellation fee.

So I called and canceled service.  Obviously I heard all the spiels about how they would bump my internet speed or add some extra channels and so on and so on.  As great as that all sounded for somebody who actually has the time to watch television or play on the Internet, it still wasn’t worth it.

So I paid the $300+ early cancellation fee and I was told a return kit would be sent to me.

We received the return kit about 5 or 6 weeks after speaking with the rep and immediately cleaned our equipment up and put it in the box accordingly.  It was around Christmas time so we didn’t get it to the post office for another week.  Our equipment lease said we had 21 days to return the equipment before we’d be charged.  And we did just that.

We followed all instructions and made sure the return sticker was on the box.
On Dec 28th, 2016 we took it to the PO to be mailed back.  The clerk at the PO said the sticker was wrong (it had MY info to be shipped to ME instead of back to DirecTV).   I didn’t even catch this originally.  We just did what the instructions said.

So we went home and looked all over the box and that was the only sticker that was provided. I called DirecTV on Dec 29th, 2016 and talked to a lady named Isabel. She said she would mail me another sticker.  I waited two weeks (Jan 12th) and called DirecTV back and talked to a man this time named Phil or Bill. He apologized and said he would mail another one out.  I never received the sticker.

On January 24th, 2017, I received a call from Julie at CBE collection agency.
DirecTV had sent me to collections for $193.96 for equipment charges even though I’ve had the equipment sitting in my garage – waiting for a return kit – so I can mail it all back. Trust me, if they would've given me an address, I would've just paid the postage myself just to get the damn thing out of my garage!

I paid $300+ for the early termination fees as it is and now they want an extra $194 for the equipment that hasn’t been touched for over three months.  I was pissed!

I called DirecTV to ask them for another sticker (this is now the 4th time) and I was placed on hold.  This was at 9:24am on January 24th, 2017.  The lady, Maria, advised me that DirecTV was having a system downtime and someone would call me back in 1-2 hours.  I never received a phone call back.

Obviously EXTREMELY irritated, I sent a complaint in to the Better Business Bureau that night.  I was at a loss on what to do and where to go from what I’ve already attempted to do.

The next day I received a phone call from a lady named Emma from the 'Office of the President' (800-254-3810  x26978) saying she was responding to my complaint on the BBB site.
I revisited all previous discussions and that I was slightly annoyed with the lack of communication from the company.  She tried telling me she has no record of me calling.  And that they have a caller ID system that would tell them if I had.
Now, I have no idea how their whole system works, and while a couple of the calls may have been on my work phone, I do know that on my cell phone statement, I have the time and date stamps of at least one call.  The other times, I wrote down the names and date and time I called - I just can't find my statement but I'm pretty sure Virgin Mobile could!
In addition to how pissed this just made me -- I REALLY wanted to tell her that now I know to never get an AT&T phone service because it is obviously faulty.  But I held that comment in.

She said that I do owe $194 until equipment is received.  I said I completely understand that … all I wanted is my return kit that I’ve been promised THREE times now.

She started arguing with me about why I didn’t contact them sooner.  Which is extremely irritating because I have spent more time on the phone trying to resolve this issue than I have with anything … ever.
I asked her to overnight the return kit.  She said she couldn’t do that.  All I wanted was my darn return kit.
It’s not like this equipment was of any use to me.  Why on earth would I want to keep it?!  Effing drive to my house and come and get it!  It's your fault anyway. <--- internal thoughts.

I asked if upon receiving the equipment, if they would credit $194 back and $0 out my bill with them.  She said yes.  I asked about my credit report.  She said she would not fix my credit report.  Even though this was THEIR issue the entire time … they would not credit my credit report.  And if you do a quick search about DirecTV returning equipment on Google, you’ll find NUMEROUS people with this same issue.  Some even calling it a scam.

I said I would be emailing my Attorney General as well as the FTC.  Very hatefully, she said, “Well, all of those files will just get reverted back to me and on my desk and I’m going to tell you the same thing I told you today.”  I’m in tears by now.  WTF?!  I take pride in my credit and I feel like, because they were unhappy that I canceled service early with them, they have to some how make me pay for that in their own conniving way.  As if the $00+ early termination fee wasn’t enough.

Anyway, Emma said she would get the kit sent out to me. (Now the 4th person that has promised me this).  This was on 1/26/17.

On 2/7/17, I still had not received my return kit.  So I called Emma and left her a voicemail asking where it was. My voicemail was not nice, but honestly, I'm disgusted in the way this company is being ran.

I never received a call back from Emma. Go figure.

On 2/9/17, I called again and this time Emma actually answered.  She said the return kit did go out and gave me tracking info.  I tracked the package.  Evidently, Emma must’ve forgotten (or wanted to stretch out all of this being reported to my credit report even more so) because she didn’t send the kit until the 7th (when I left the nasty voicemail message asking where the hell the return kit was).

I finally received the return kit on the 14th but we were not in town and so as soon as I was able, I sent everything back, with the corrected return sticker, on 2/21/17 at my local USPS.  My lady at the USPS said, “hold on to this receipt with the tracking info until you know for sure they’ve received your box”.  It was the way she said it that made me question DirecTV’s practices.  Almost like – we’ve had numerous issues and this is your proof so you hang on to this with everything that you have – type of reaction.

So I did.

Here it is, 3/8/17 and my package is lost in the mail.  It departed my post office on 2/23/17 and exited a Phoenix location on 2/27/17 with an estimated delivery date of 2/28/17.  The final scan never came in.

I don’t get it.

Here’s my tracking number so you can see proof:  9202 3946 5301 9303 612 914

I’ve called FedEx.  They think it’s lost somewhere and sent me a Claim Form to fill out.

I’ve called Emma to find out the next step but, of course, I haven’t heard back from her.

Meanwhile … my credit report continues to take hits from DirecTV for something THEY screwed up.

My next step is arbitrary or small claims court.  Although, I’ve heard, that somewhere in the small (VERY small) print of the contract that you sign with AT&T and DirecTV there is something in there that says, and I don’t have the exact words in front of me, but pretty much that if you ever have any issues with either of the two companies, you cannot sue them.  And that you have pretty much signed away all rights to taking them to court over anything at all.  Yes people … that is just how scandalous these two companies are.

If you’ve stuck with me through this entire post, I hope you’ve learned a very valuable lesson….
DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AT&T or DIRECTV regardless of how great you think their promotion sounds.
No promotion is worth the amount of time and stress and money that I’ve had to deal with in this whole situation.

UPDATE 3/10/17:  I finally received a call back from Emma.  Evidently she doesn't listen to her entire voicemail because I asked her to call me back on my cell phone.  She called me back on my work phone.  Not cool, Emma.  Pay attention to what your g.damn customers are SAYING!
Anyway --- she said she does see I sent back the equipment and they will take care of it from here.  That's all she said.  No idea what that means.  But I asked her about the credit bureau and my credit report.  She said she will not adjust my credit - as she previously stated before.  But that she'd take care of the credit bureau and let them know.
I'm not satisfied with either of these answers.  I want to know dates that everything "will be taken care of".  Because one more day of reporting to my credit report is NOT okay with me.

Regardless ... I hope you will read this before falling for this company like I did.  They are horrible, HORRIBLE people.  They only care about the buck -- not you, at all!

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