Thursday, March 1, 2018

2018 City-Wide Garage Sales in South Central Kansas

We all love ‘em.  We all want to know when and where they are.  And now I have it...

Your 2018 list of City-Wide Garage Sales for the South-Central Kansas area for March-June.

I have only listed the towns that are within a 100-mile radius of Wichita.  You’ll have to find a blogger in your area to see if s/he can put together a list for you if you’re outside of that 100-mile radius.

I’m also planning on making a July-Fall list as well as there are several towns who host their Garage Sale Event in the fall and I don’t want to leave them off the list.

But this will at least get you started!

Feel free to share this!

And if I left one off, PLEASE let me know by sending me a quick email to:

To see a list of garage sales in/around the city of Wichita, please visit: Wichita on the Cheap.

We will update this list as often as we can (possibly every day) – so keep checking back!

Edited to add:
  • Winfield does not have a set city-wide date but residents usually have their sales the weekend BEFORE Walnut Valley Festival  (which is in September)
  • Hutchinson does not have a set city-wide date either but the Hutch News does hold a "Monster Sale" at the State Fair Grounds in March. See the graphic to find out when.
  • Wichita does not have a set city-wide garage sale date but certain neighborhoods or communities will hold garage sales.  The best way to ADD your listing or check for Wichita area garage sales is by visiting "Wichita on the Cheap"
  • Augusta has not called me back yet
  • Haysville holds theirs in August
  • El Dorado holds theirs in August
  • The City of Andover (City Clerk - Susan) creates a more extensive list. She is still adding final touches to it so please be patient with her.  I will add them to my website as they come in.